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Charlie's About Me

So you'd like to learn more about me huh? Well, not much to tell, but here goes.

Furrst, the impurrtant stuff. I'm a 12 year old neutered male catchelor. I'm a grey and black tabby with white chest and four white paws. Meowmie thinks I might be a manx because of my size (I'm rather large), the way my stubby tail looks (she says it's soooo cute) and the shape of my face.

I came to live at my present home in April 2001. I now have a meowmie (Terri), a fafur (Mike), a hewman sisfur (Breanna - aka Mz Kitty), a hewman brofur (Mason), and two kitty brofurs (Midnight and Luv). I also share my home with two d*gs - Molly and Rocky.

Befur I moved in here, Midnight and I had been friends fur 5 years. Of course, we have our "catfights" (no pun intended) every so often, but Meowmie says that's normal between males. Fur the past 12 years, I lived at the house next door. My old meowmie, Bobbi, retired recently and moved to be closer to her kids and grandkids. Being as I'm an old, stubborn kitty - and she moved to a furry high traffic area - she was afurraid to take me with her. She didn't want me to get scared and run into the street and get hurt by a car.

So . . . after much pondering (hmmm. . .about 2 seconds worth) Meowmie and Fafur said that of course, I could live here. So that's how I became Midnight's Brofur. Of course, it broke Meowmie Bobbi's heart to leave me, and it took me a few days to feel good about the whole situation, but it's all fur the best. Meowmie Bobbi told Meowmie Terri that a long time ago (about 12 years ago and way before our area was built up), she was sitting on her porch one evening. All of a sudden, this car drives by, rolls down the window and tosses sometime out.

Well, of course, she got up to see just what kind of trash those mean, careless people had just thrown into her yard. Know what it was? Mew guessed it. It was me. She believes they had been abusing me, because it took many weeks of her talking to me and feeding me befur I would have anything to do with her. I still don't like strangers. Mew can imagine why.

It even took Meowmie Terri a couple of years of living next door, befur I would even let HER pet me. And only then if Meowmie Bobbi was right there supervising. Finally, though, I realized that she wasn't gonna hurt me - even when no one else was around. So I started letting her pet me. But not too often - just once in a while. As time passed, I began to trust her more. Then when Meowmie Bobbi moved away and needed someone to take care of me - Meowmie and Fafur had to say yes.

I still don't like to be picked up and I run if I hear loud noises or if mew make a sudden move. But Meowmie Terri says that's okay. Better to be safe than sorry. She loves me even if I run off. And I've started coming in the house a little bit. So who knows. . . maybe someday I'll even let her pick me up.

Anyway, that's my story. Hope mew'll visit the rest of my site and sign my guestbook to let me know mew were here.

Purrs,       Charlie"


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