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Fuzzy Kitties Page

Fuzzy Kitties Memfurship Card

Charlie I joined Fuzzy Kitties Society in July 2001. I love attention, love being petted and scratched. Fuzzy Kitties is a group where I'm having lots of fun. Furst I created this banner fur the ofur memfurs to use.

Fuzzy Kitties Memfurship Card

Then I posted this tip on the board. The board is fur posting tips and tricks on Fuzziness, Adventure Stories and more.

I have a couple special things I do to stay fuzzy. The furst is that I sing to my meowmie all the time. She says I'm her little chatterbox. Everytime I see meowmie I just start singing. Then she comes outside to pet me or opens the door to let me come inside.

I submitted this picfur fur the gallery cause it's meowmie's favorite.


I also have this little trick. When meowmie gets done petting me and I'm not ready fur her to be finished, I just simply take my paw, extend the claws slightly (just a little bit cause I don't want to hurt her) and I lightly tap her on the leg. That sure gets her attention fast and she starts petting me again. It works efurry time. Mew should try it.

Fur my adventure, I posted the following story:

Mews Y'all. As an advanced cat of 12 years, let me tell y'all, I've had lots of adventures. But I'll just skip ahead to the lastest adventure. In April of 2001, I got a new furmily. My old meowmie had to move away and I couldn't go with her. So I moved in with Midnight, Luv, Rocky and Molly. Now, let me tell mew, that was sure an adventure. I'd always been an outdoor only kitty and now I'm an indoor/outdoor kitty. I love to come in the kitchen as long as that big dog, Rocky, is outside. The furrst day I moved in was sure exciting. Meowmie Bobbie kissed me bye and was furry upset, but she knew she was leaving me in good hands. I didn't quite understand why she was upset. She left me befur. But then I noticed that Meowmie Terri had moved my house, my rug, my food and water bowls and efurrything over to her carport. Wait a minute. . . What in the world is going on here. Meowmie Terri kept calling me over to her house. I'd go and let her pet me and maybe grab a bite to eat, but then I'd go back to my old house. But she kept coming out and calling me. This went on fur several days. Eventually I got the picture. I know this sounds like a sad adventure, but it comes complete with a happy ending. Meowmie Terri loves me and now I have a fafur and 2 kids and 2 dogs and 2 brofurs. I've got a big happy furmily to love me furever cause Meowmie Terri says I have a home fur life.

I solved July's Java Puzzle and won this kewl award.

We also answer questions efurry month. July's question was "Explain how and what you do to keep cool during the hot weather in the Summer months!"

My reply was: Just like my brofur Midnight, I like to lay in the shade, but I also like to hide under the shed. Midnight doesn't like to go there, so it's kinda my hiding place.

thanksgiving winner

I won the word jumble for Thanksgiving.

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Please don't take my background set and buttons. My meowmie created them just fur me!

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