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My Pictures

Mew won't find furry many picfurs of me. Mew see, I'm camera shy. I don't like those funny flashing lights and loud noises when meowmie takes my picfurs.

This is my best picfur. Meowmie caught me by surprise and I let her take this one.

This one's kinda fuzzy cause meowmie was pretty far away.

Charlie walking across the yards

Here I am crossing the yard. Wish meowmie would put that noisy light thing away and quit bothering me!

Charlie looking cute

Here I am looking cute. Meowmie says I have handsome eyes.

Whatcha doing Meowmie?
What's that thing in mewr hand?

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emeow me

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Terri Lynn Graphics

Please don't take my background set and buttons. My meowmie created them just fur me!

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