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My Pictures

Meowmie's tricky. She got a new camera and it doesn't make a lot of noise. . .so she's been getting more picfurs of me. MOL.

This is anofur good picfur. I was sitting on the driveway.

Meowmie says the sunlight streaming in on my face makes me look like an angel.

Charlie standing on Bre's Leg

My sisfur likes it when I paw her legs. No - REALLY - she does - I'm not joking. MOL. Actually, she taught me to do this by patting her legs. Then I jump up and she scratches my ears. She loves to scratch my ears. Ahhhh. . .heaven.

Charlie looking cute

Here I am looking cute. Don't mew think I look cute?

That's all fur now.
Keep checking fur updates. MOL.

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Please don't take my background set and buttons. My meowmie created them just fur me!

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