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Charlie wearing CrownI can remefur my brofur talking about this great club he was in called CLAW. He loved it and made lots of new furriends there. But then it closed. Now it's back open again and I wanted to join in on the fun, too. But mew see, we are not just a fun club. We help, too. We sponser shelters fur kitties.

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Here's my memfurship card.

Furrst I joined a cool society called The Fuzzy Kitties Society. Are mew a fuzzy kitty? If so, mew would like this group. Our good furriends MGD and Quila run FKS.

Fuzzy Kitties Society

Be sure and visit my Fuzzy Kitties Page.

Then I joined Cats Who Live With Dogs. That certainly fits me! MOL. Our dog is Molly and she's a miniature Dachshund. She's 4 and I'm 12.

Cats Who Live With D*gs

Visit my Cats Who Live With Dogs Page

I'm a purroud Claw Thespian, too.

I also support the CLAW Thespians. If mew're looking fur some fine feline enfurtainment, then check out the theatre.

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At 12+ years old, I definately qualify as a senior kitty. My meowmie takes furry good care of me.

Outdoor Cats Society


This is me in my Graduation cap. Don't I look handsome?

emeow me

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Please don't take my background set and buttons. My meowmie created them just fur me!

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